Gent’s Race Ride Report

Last Saturday saw the second coming of the Gent’s Race here in the DSM.  5 person teams, 66 miles of gravel, and a bunch of fun. In theory.  My team consisted of myself (der) and 4 awesome gents known collectively as Team Careless Whispers and singularly as Steve Fuller, Mark Stevenson, Bob Moural, and David Cornelison, all men with deep ties to the biking scene (their names are linked to either their businesses or blogs, visit their sites)  I would be hard pressed to put together a better team for any ride of this type, those guys are golden and got me through a rough day of whining and sniveling.

Bob, David, Steve, Mark, and myself right before shit got real

I am not going to give you the play by play.  I honestly don’t want to think about it too much, it was painful but an incredibly good time.  This was probably the most challenging flat terrain gravel ride I have ever done due to a recent road resurfacing (and me not being able to gain any momentum whatsoever).  It was demoralizing at times, but we kept it together, no flats and no mechanicals.  The guys were riding strong and there were some amazing moments when it all came together and we were pinning it to the wall.  Ultimately my motor came up more on the Yugo side than it should have and I managed to be the anchor this year.  All good, the guys took turns babysitting me while I cussed my legs, my bike, mother nature, birds, pretty much everything along the way.

Thank you to the Careless Whispers for all the good times this year.  I can’t wait to return next year, maybe with a different team name.