79 Days…Bike Debate Rages To A Halt!

Yesterday I had my fitness shot down by a fortune cookie, right around the same time I was staring at my two gravel grinding machines.  I experienced a slight white-out and a sudden urge to spit up in my mouth a little.  It all came to me during that flash of near-unconciousness and mini-vomit.  There is a sure fire way to solve the problem of the Vaya/Chili/Cookie trifecta:

Ride Your Fucking Bike.

The best way to choose between the two bikes and do a little more work to make the words printed on a slip of paper inside a shitty rice cookie slightly less defensible is to just ride, just like the best way to choose between two lovers is to give them both a chance and wait for one of them to suck at the things you need them to be good at.  Actually with me and bikes it is like choosing between lovers.  I will spare you the details here, you can read my past posts to get the full spectrum of my whiny feelings about them.

Ride Your Fucking Bike.

Four simple words can solve so many problems.  Not feeling well?  RYFB.  Afraid you might not be at the right level of fitness for that big ride/race? RYFB.  Having a really bad day and don’t want to go home to deal with your “better half”? RYFB.  Need to get to and from work? RYFB.  Want to go bar hopping and avoid the heartache of maybe crashing and killing other people? RYFB.  Need to make some new friends? RYFB. Having one of those days when everyone is giving you a hard time, from your teacher down to your best girlfriend?  RYFB.  Need something to do between swimming and running (this one is for you, Ratchet).  RYFB.

Can’t decide which bike you should use for the biggest race of your life?

So here is the deal:  I promise to stop whining and figure this out sometime before April.  CIRREM will get the Vaya.  Gents Race will get the Chili.  Between now and then one of these two will make themselves known to be the best for the TI job. I really do love the Chili…it’s fast and easy.  The Vaya requires a little more love and affection to get the job done, you can’t just hammer on it and expect to get anywhere fast.  I am hearing this from many of my friends (who aren’t mainly MTB racers) that they are having the same problem.  Whatever, I will just.

Ride My Fucking Bike

And the details should work themselves out.


81 Days: I Know What I Did Last Summer

In 2010 I started riding Salsa bikes.  Not FOR Salsa, but just riding their bikes and enjoying their “Adventure By Bike” ethos along the way.  My first was a 2009 Chili Con Crosso frame, which I built up with SRAM Rival and some Ultegra wheels, a Van Dessel carbon fork, and some other parts which make it into a complete bike.  It has served me well, and it was my go-to bike for all of my long distance gravel riding since it was first built up (except for CIRREM last year which I had to borrow a bike for after roaching my BB on a B-road before the race)  Then I got a brand new Vaya.  I wanted one of these since they came out.  I hated it almost immediately.  Evidently going from the Chili to the Vaya was too big of a jump for me.

I switched to riding the Vaya almost exclusively, determined to make myself like this bike or die trying.  I rode a lot of gravel…and broke some spokes.  I rode an overnight from Cumming to Breda, fully bagged and using my amazing dyno light system.  It beat my ass.  Heavy and meant for a little more relaxed riding, the Vaya just wasn’t what I was looking for.  Then I officially forsake all other bikes and only have been riding the Vaya exclusively, almost out of spite.

Today I decided to dust off the Chili.  I know they are completely different bikes, for totally different purposes, but the Vaya was my first choice for the Trans Iowa.  I am rethinking this decision.  The Vaya does have the bitchin light system and the usb charger that runs off the dyno to charge my electronics.  BUT the Chili is just fast.  Like I can’t believe how hard I have been working to keep a pace when the Chili just rolls that fast.  I may need the extra help in the speed.  I suppose it is time to order some more battery packs for the DiNotte light.  Or maybe another light.  It’s just time to start re-planning this whole thing.