Fargo Is Closer Than You Think

I had the chance to touch a buddy’s Ti Fargo today.  It is even more beautiful in person than it was as my desktop background (for the last 4 months waiting for it to ship).  Due to a crazy freak something or other, MY Ti Fargo did not ship yet….but thanks to Sterling at Rasmussen Bike Shop, that problem is officially solved.  I’M SO FUCKING STOKED!  By the beginning of next week this wide drink of water will be pounding out the miles on the ultimate version of what has become one of my favorite bikes of all time.  The only problem now is that the Ragley Luxy bars I had decided to repurpose for the Drop-Bar Puffin now have their original home back…. The only thing harder than getting Salsa to ship the 2014 Ti Fargo is probably finding a THIRD set of these rare dirt drops.  I suppose I have had worse problems….

Anyway, it’s nice out and I should probably get my leg over a top tube for a while.