89 Days…One For Wince


After a lovely night of afterhours partying near the Ingersoll district, there is really no choice but to go to Des Moines’ new favorite Drunk Burritoing Hole, Abelardos.  I have a fairly sizeable training ride planned for today, and yesterday (last night) has most definitely made this an even more grueling task.  Abelardos #18 is hereby charged with the task of getting me through the first leg. Yes, Rich, Kale, and the rest…I think it will work out. Until I digest fully.

Also today I will be enjoying my new Bar Mitts picked up from the Iowa Bike Expo yesterday.  They served me well last night and I look forward to putting them to task today. 

89 days.  Pretty sure me and TIV8 are going to get along famously.