You’ve all had the chance to read about my dropping out of CIRREM at the checkpoint, just 20 miles before the finish. You’ve also had a chance to read about my health/weight issues and how that is going.  What you HAVEN’T seen is the super classy video of me dropping out of the race that beautiful Saturday. Without further ado, here is the unedited video of yours truly (at about 310+ lbs) dropping out of a race at mile 45. Enjoy.

Sam, CNB

Straight Outta (Katie) Compton

I have a tendency to listen to quite a bit of NWA and NWA-related post NWA groups but ever since I have started to follow CX racing I have found the song “Straight Outta Compton” to have a different meaning.  It makes me think of the awesomeness that is 8 time US National CX champ Katie Compton.  Go read about her at  She is a bad ass.

And then there is the actual Compton:


Fat Guy On Bike Video (1914)

I am feeling considerable fatness today, and when this happens I tend to dwell on/obsess about/freak out on the fatness. I decided to look up some videos of fat people riding bikes (instead of actually riding) and came across this gem from 1914, a film called “W-H-O-R-K a la Pimple” in which a man named “Pimple” is teaching another much larger man to ride a bike.  Hilarity ensues. I have actually re-enacted this film in the past without even knowing of its existence.  I would call it “Sam Rides Home From A Bar.”  Here is the video, enjoy!

It’s a pretty sweet bike also.