First Milestone Reached!

Less than two months ago I was in horrible condition.  I was the heaviest I have ever been in my entire life, I was eating like an asshole, I just didn’t give a hoot about what shape I was in.  I would just complain about how I was fat and didn’t feel good after eating, and inside I could feel that there were more things going wrong than right.  I decided to make a change, to begin a new journey to a place where I felt well, where I didn’t have to think things like “if only I lost some weight maybe I would be faster.” I was so beyond having to worry about how fast I was on a bike.  I would get out of breath trying to buckle my Sidi’s. You can read all about that here.



These bikes have been getting me to and from where I need to go, while providing a pretty solid workout. All grocery shopping, errands, and even playing a show, have been done by bike in the last few months. 



I’m happy to report that thanks to my Vegan eating, and to switching back to living almost entirely by bike, I have gone from over 300 lbs (it has been estimated that I was around 315 when I first started this change), to under 280 since the first week of March.  That’s over 30 lbs of weight gone from my body, the equivalent of losing an entire loaded gravel rig.  I’ve gone down about 3 inches in waist size, and I can finally zip my old rain jacket up. My energy level/attitude/motivation is way up, and I feel like life isn’t just a constant suck hole of feeling like shit with an added shitty attitude.  It’s refreshing.


There is still a long way to go, I have some pretty big goals ahead.  There are things I have always wanted to do and I’m headed in the direction of realizing some of my cycling daydreams.  Time and perseverance will tell, but I have confidence enough to at least embark on the journey towards these goals.

What are these goals I speak of?  My main goal is 225 lbs. That’s roughly 90 lbs of loss, which could be tough to reach as I am training and gaining back muscle mass. If my training goals and weight goals meet up together, I will be a pretty lean mean machine. But for now I will  celebrate my first milestone (with a salad), and focus on making it to the top of this climb. Maybe a few of you out there would like to join in?



4 thoughts on “First Milestone Reached!

  1. I’d love to know more. I think I might be a little taller and older, but I am about 315 right now. Your riding and racing stories are very inspiring: I want to ride a day of RAGBRAI this year, and CIRREM and maybe more next year. I’ve experimented with Veg*anism here and there, but with some success and zero support.

    So basically any advice you could provide would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

    • Larry, follow along here as I will be writing more and more about eating, nutrition, and the like. There has been pretty overwhelming support/response for this whole change thing and I want to be able to help others who want to change. I know we are connected in other realms, so you can always DM me with questions or thoughts. I have the utmost faith that with just a little support you can accomplish what you want. I was shocked at how fast/drastic my changes came from ditching my old habits. We will talk soon.


  2. Sam, we don’t know each other but I’ve been following your postings on Guitar Ted’s blog. You’re doing such a great thing and are an inspiration! Keep up the good work and many happy miles!

    • Steve. thank you so much. I appreciate that what I am doing is reaching people. My miles have gotten much happier since I made these changes! See you out on the dusty trail!

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