Just Another Meh-nic Monday

It’s day two of my recovery from my first trail run attempt.  It’s not super fun by any means, and here in the DSM metro it is a balmy -10 f outside.  I went down to the basement and looked at my trainer.  I should probably do a nice easy spin out of the legs, I’m sure my ankles would be thankful for some no impact movement.  One problem: the room my trainer in is probably cold enough to warrant wearing my full Fall riding gear.  Next problem: I should probably enter my restaurant at some time today, and getting on the trainer will most likely lead to a nice hot shower, a light lunch, and ultimately a nap.  And no work.  

Say what you want about global climate change, you can deny it up and down or cry that the sky is falling (if it fell today, it would fucking shatter), but I have been experiencing it first hand for the last several years.  This year has been the worst winter since I re-entered the year-round biking realm.  I don’t need stats to figure this out, I just need to look at my attitude towards being outside.  Usually around mid- to end-of-February I enter the zone where I really am just sick of winter and just want to curl up in a ball and forget about the miles I should be logging.  COULD be logging, if Mom nature would just turn up the heat a few degrees.  This year I hit the “Fuck This Zone” at about early January.  And I haven’t really stopped feeling that way since.  Mother nature, maybe it’s not you…maybe it’s me.  Maybe I’m just getting older and lazier and you are taking the blame for my shortcomings.  That could be part of it.  Either way, the world definitely got colder this winter, and is staying that way for much longer.  

I’m going to throw on some layers and hit the trainer.  I hear it’s going to be above 0f this afternoon.  Maybe I can get a little riding done then. 


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