Psycho Wyco Pre-Race Thingy

I am about an hour away from embarking on what will be my first race of the year.  And it’s on foot, not by bike.  Strange turn of events, indeed.  The Psycho Wyco is a 30/20/10 mile trail race which is currently being run at a balmy 19 degrees and with about a foot of snow on the ground.  There are a few thousand feet of climbing.  In ten miles.  This is the point where I always say to myself “why the fuck am I doing this, again?” I mean it now more than ever*.  I was also informed I couldn’t keep my same room tonight, so instead of jacuzzi post race champagne I get to drive back to Des Moines.  Maybe I will just take a nap in the back of the Jetta for a while.  We will see.  Time to suit up and make this shit happen.  



*It’s pretty simple reasoning behind why I am doing this run today.  I used to run a lot**. I thought it would be a good way to cross train for Trans Iowa V10.  I also thought it to be a great way to prove to myself I have what it takes to complete an event I really have no business running.  Ha.  I would really just like to point the Jetta north and lose the “ta.” 

**twenty years ago

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