My CIRREM Didn’t-Get-To Race Report Thingy

Sometimes I have a hard time not speaking in an ancient language, a language I tried to drop from my vernacular a while back.  Today is one of those days when I feel its appropriate to revert back to the old ancient language of EXCUSES.   

I recently opened a second location of my restaurant, Tacopocalypse, in Fairfield, Iowa.  This town is really cool, and the gravel starts right outside of town.  Like blocks from where I am sitting now.  Fuck. Yes.  I’m a big fan of this fact, and you can bet that once I get things sailing smoothly in Tacoland, the boss will be out on his new Ti steed grinding the ever loving poo poo platter out of those rocky roads.  One of the things about owning a business is that while when times are good and everything is going as planned, there is very little (extra) to worry about than making sure day to day operations are being completed, bills are paid, and people are smiling.  I like when that is happening, but it’s generally a short lived time because well, shit happens.  

The Friday before CIRREM, shit happened.  I was going to be stuck in Fairfield until Saturday afternoon.  My plan was to leave town and head towards DSM around 7, load up both my SS Chili and my SS Dilinger (no way was I going to bring out anything with shifting components, and in hindsight a few other people are probably thinking they should have shared the same attitude), get a little dinner, hydration, and a nap, then roll out to the Cumming Tap to tackle the beast known as CIRREM.  My gear was all selected and ready to be donned, my nutrition sitting out in a mesh bag, and my trusty Oakleys were sitting right next.  Where they all still sit, waiting for old Dad to get out on that CIRREM course.  

I ended up spending my day shopping and doing prep for the restaurant, which was I am sure the wisest decision.  I’m not real happy about missing out on this race, as I was determined to finally complete the damn course during the actual race for once.  Well, on to other things, the Spring Gravel Series starts in March, and I am hoping to get in as many of those races as possible, because any chance to toe the line before the end of April is a good thing.  Trans Iowa is looming…


The Fargo Has Landed

The Fargo Has Landed

My 2014 Ti Fargo meets up with its sister, a First Gen fargo. I’m pretty excited for the weather to get above 10 degrees so I can take this bad momma out for an extended spin (Yes, I have put some limits on my cold weather cycling. I have trouble breathing at temps under 10) You will most likely see a lot more posts about me and the “Targo” (thanks, AC) in the future.


(Potentially) New Bike Day

Well, it’s almost new bike day. I have been waiting for Salsa to ship my 2014 for nearly a third of a year. It’s been at my LBS awaiting my Coveted Ragley Luxy bars (out of town business trip delayed that), and a shim for the front thru-axle…to solve a “wiggle” problem. It’s also awaiting the Ti seat post which the bike was spec’d with when it was ordered, but has since changed to a Thudbuster (!?!?!?). So if you know anyone looking for a clunky seat post…

All in all I am so fucking stoked to get my buns in the saddle on this thing, fingers crossed that the quick fix parts come in today so I can get a little tiny ride in before she meets CIRREM this coming Saturday.


Fargo Is Closer Than You Think

I had the chance to touch a buddy’s Ti Fargo today.  It is even more beautiful in person than it was as my desktop background (for the last 4 months waiting for it to ship).  Due to a crazy freak something or other, MY Ti Fargo did not ship yet….but thanks to Sterling at Rasmussen Bike Shop, that problem is officially solved.  I’M SO FUCKING STOKED!  By the beginning of next week this wide drink of water will be pounding out the miles on the ultimate version of what has become one of my favorite bikes of all time.  The only problem now is that the Ragley Luxy bars I had decided to repurpose for the Drop-Bar Puffin now have their original home back…. The only thing harder than getting Salsa to ship the 2014 Ti Fargo is probably finding a THIRD set of these rare dirt drops.  I suppose I have had worse problems….

Anyway, it’s nice out and I should probably get my leg over a top tube for a while.