Getting Craigslisted!

One thing continually burns my nerves is CRAIGSLIST.  I have an “app” on my phone that delivers me my selected search results about every 30 minutes (search results=bikes) so I don’t miss any potentially good deals…or so I don’t miss saying “man, I wish I had the money for that” every couple of days.  I don’t need anything on CL, aside from the few Thomson Elite seatposts I have found (I need a good sturdy seatpost for my mammoth-like weight).  What really burns me up is the constant BULLSHIT sellers whom think that any “road bike” made before 1990 is “vintage” and worth over $100.  I see a few here and there which qualify fetching a decent price, and I realize that most people add a little to the advertised price in anticipation of someone trying to get a “deal,” but COME ON PEOPLE.

If you have a Schwinn or Raleigh, or some other well known brand, and it is made in an Asian country (like the classic “Schwinn Approved” head badge models) and the bike has components that will most likely be stripped off for single speed conversion…and the bike has “safety brake levers” then don’t try to bullshit around and charge $150 for the POS you have in your hands.  As a general rule, the all metal “safety levers” with the bar that extends up to the flats on your most likely 38 cm drop bars show that the bike you have in your hands is a POS low-end model made to compete with the department store 10-speed brands in price.

Notice the quality. Oddly, I actually have one of these Dasani bikes...

Hey, some of these bikes are really clean and in great working order…go ahead and pay $100 for them.  Most bikes of this level are sought out for their horizontal drops and ability to be converted to Fixed Gear or Single Speed.

I see this shit a few times every week, and I know that I should just look away and let it go.  I had to say something at least once.  What is my point?  Sellers, quit charging too much for bullshit bikes.


7 thoughts on “Getting Craigslisted!

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  2. i think courtney just made case for why an old road is well worth a $150 investment. over 6k miles.

    any bike you buy from a bike shop depreciates in value as soon as you walk out the door with it

    • my response got a little too long, so I will just have to answer you in another post. Short story: a bike that is actually worth $150 is worth $150. A bike that should be sold for $50-60 is NOT worth $150. Selling at inflated prices, even taking account of bargaining down the price, is just a rip off no matter how you look at it.

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