Straight Outta (Katie) Compton

I have a tendency to listen to quite a bit of NWA and NWA-related post NWA groups but ever since I have started to follow CX racing I have found the song “Straight Outta Compton” to have a different meaning.  It makes me think of the awesomeness that is 8 time US National CX champ Katie Compton.  Go read about her at  She is a bad ass.

And then there is the actual Compton:


Fat Guy On Bike Video (1914)

I am feeling considerable fatness today, and when this happens I tend to dwell on/obsess about/freak out on the fatness. I decided to look up some videos of fat people riding bikes (instead of actually riding) and came across this gem from 1914, a film called “W-H-O-R-K a la Pimple” in which a man named “Pimple” is teaching another much larger man to ride a bike.  Hilarity ensues. I have actually re-enacted this film in the past without even knowing of its existence.  I would call it “Sam Rides Home From A Bar.”  Here is the video, enjoy!

It’s a pretty sweet bike also.


Craigslisted Part 2: The Discounting

I see that a few of you out there reading have taken heed of my recent “vintage” bike pricing rant, and although the average mean asking price of so-called “vintage” bikes on the mighty CL hasn’t dropped for the general public, one seller of bikes has decided to add a special discount to those named Sam. Interesting.


VINTAGE Schwinn World road bike – $150 (Des Moines)

Date: 2012-03-04, 11:54AM CST
Reply to:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-xxxxxx


Up for sale is a nice, vintage, Schwinn World (10 speed) road bike. I have owned this bike for 5-6 years now, and have always enjoyed riding it! I hate to see it go, but have one too many bikes currently. It has a lugged frame and seems like a very well built bike for it’s day. I am asking $150 (OBO), unless your name is Sam, then the price is only $120 – Thanks for looking! Call Luke before it’s gone! Phone calls only please!

  • Location: Des Moines
  • it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
image 0

PostingID: 2884124380

I like that some headway is being made in bike pricing, even if it is only for people whom happen to share my first name.  It looks like a nice bike, but it looks a little short for me, Luke!  Thank you for offering a lower price to grouchy CL surfers like me.


Getting Craigslisted!

One thing continually burns my nerves is CRAIGSLIST.  I have an “app” on my phone that delivers me my selected search results about every 30 minutes (search results=bikes) so I don’t miss any potentially good deals…or so I don’t miss saying “man, I wish I had the money for that” every couple of days.  I don’t need anything on CL, aside from the few Thomson Elite seatposts I have found (I need a good sturdy seatpost for my mammoth-like weight).  What really burns me up is the constant BULLSHIT sellers whom think that any “road bike” made before 1990 is “vintage” and worth over $100.  I see a few here and there which qualify fetching a decent price, and I realize that most people add a little to the advertised price in anticipation of someone trying to get a “deal,” but COME ON PEOPLE.

If you have a Schwinn or Raleigh, or some other well known brand, and it is made in an Asian country (like the classic “Schwinn Approved” head badge models) and the bike has components that will most likely be stripped off for single speed conversion…and the bike has “safety brake levers” then don’t try to bullshit around and charge $150 for the POS you have in your hands.  As a general rule, the all metal “safety levers” with the bar that extends up to the flats on your most likely 38 cm drop bars show that the bike you have in your hands is a POS low-end model made to compete with the department store 10-speed brands in price.

Notice the quality. Oddly, I actually have one of these Dasani bikes...

Hey, some of these bikes are really clean and in great working order…go ahead and pay $100 for them.  Most bikes of this level are sought out for their horizontal drops and ability to be converted to Fixed Gear or Single Speed.

I see this shit a few times every week, and I know that I should just look away and let it go.  I had to say something at least once.  What is my point?  Sellers, quit charging too much for bullshit bikes.


55 Days…Can I Get A Ribness?

(new, improved smaller font action today should ease the amount of scrolling.)

One week ago at nearly this exact moment I went down on the ice at CIRREM for the second time that day, culling the pain gods from their roosts (although maybe those were just some sort of regular bird) not-so-high above.  Bruised ribs, knee, elbow, shoulder bruising, a little blood, and some dashed hopes all came crashing together as beard met ice and rock.  Seven days in I have made little progress.  My doctor gave me no physical restrictions, so I did a little riding to the tune of a whopping 25 easy going miles.  Oddly, I hurt less when on the bike than when I am lying dormant on the couch…my ribs can hang freely without the pressure of rolling a heavy body from side to side.  Sometime during the week I had a little sneezing fit and felt another “POP” in the old cage.  I think that was Thursday morning?  Hard to tell as I have been laid up on the couch with Netflix and my cat as my sole companions watching an almost seamless 24 hour a day lineup of bike and skate documentaries and wasn’t paying much attention to the time or day or really anything else.

All I could think about was the pain and TIV8

The Gents Race is coming up on April 7th, but it isn’t really much of a worry.  The course is on the easy/forgiving side with no real climbing challenges, just some mild rollers here and there with a mostly flat gravel terrain.  If the wind is kind this year (last year it was a little mean) and everyone on my team brings the right bike for the ride, we will be just fine.  In fact, due to this injury, I may actually be the weak link this time around.  I don’t like the thought of that, but it is a reality I may have to face when 4/7 rolls around.  Guys, I will do my best to be in ready mode…

So back to the pain and the TIV8.  The race “Meat Up” is in 55 days, with the start just a few short hours after that at 4 am.  I effectively have about 50 days left to train if I heal up enough to climb hills by next Wednesday.  I have been dreaming of this race for a few years, and not treating it with enough focus which is raising some pretty big doubts in my mind.  It is a terrible feeling to be physically unable to train for something you are officially entered in, and something which requires some rigorous training.  I now know, on a very small scale, how my good friend Steve felt when he had to spend time off the bike due to some nerve damage.  This is really frustrating…even more frustrating is knowing that I usually write these posts as a ruse to get you folks reading to call me out for being a whiny pussy and tell me to just go ride my fucking bike….but I can’t ride, not until I heal up some more, so your “words of encouragement” will be falling on gimp ears.

So that’s what I have going on right now.  Laid up in bed watching movies like “Ride The Divide” and wishing I could be out riding some kind of divide type thing.