89 Days…One For Wince


After a lovely night of afterhours partying near the Ingersoll district, there is really no choice but to go to Des Moines’ new favorite Drunk Burritoing Hole, Abelardos.  I have a fairly sizeable training ride planned for today, and yesterday (last night) has most definitely made this an even more grueling task.  Abelardos #18 is hereby charged with the task of getting me through the first leg. Yes, Rich, Kale, and the rest…I think it will work out. Until I digest fully.

Also today I will be enjoying my new Bar Mitts picked up from the Iowa Bike Expo yesterday.  They served me well last night and I look forward to putting them to task today. 

89 days.  Pretty sure me and TIV8 are going to get along famously. 

One thought on “89 Days…One For Wince

  1. Enjoy the Bar Mits! I have a pair 2 and love them. Your hands will probably be sweating perfusely in them today.

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