The Ice errr…SNOWman Cometh.

I have put most of my life on hold today due to some issues.  I really hate when this happens, but it is sometimes unavoidable.  I feel the mental/physical fatigue, the the downward spiral sets in, and a day or two later I am back in action.  I am currently smack dab in the middle of one of those moments, but something is about to happen.  Something that is such a big deal that I am going to put my “putting life on hold” on hold because I can’t just sit home moping while it transpires.  The first snow of the season is allegedly falling on Des Moines tonight, and I am on standby for some snow-riding glory.  I threw almost this whole day down the crapper and was poised to sit in bed watching shows on HULU all night, but goddamn if the snow isn’t all too compelling for this sad little panda to stay indoors while his world gets a good whitening.

So the bike is ready to roll, my snow gear is laid out and ready to be squeezed into.  I am sitting here at the computer watching the radar while writing some things, and all I can think of is “when the hell is this shit going to fall?”  This probably won’t be as spectacular as last year’s first blizzard death ride/live tweet for those of you who followed along.  This will be a solitary, soggy snow slog for a bearded man who needs a little cheering up.  I would like to thank Mother Nature in advance for the frozen gifts we are about to receive.

This is what I am talking about. (image heisted from

Trans Iowa Is Coming!

My goal, as some of you have read, this year is to toe the line at Trans Iowa 8. Registration information is coming soon, I just hope that I can secure one of the 100 spots in the race (and if I miss out, don’t think for a second that I won’t ride pirate…I mean it’s a self supported free event…) So, wish me luck as the first step is about to begin…

The New Ride Home

My old ride home was great, straight down the GWT to my country castle.  I enjoyed two years of that ride, in and out of DSM a few times a day.  My NEW ride home from down town includes riding up the MacRae park hill.  Many of my friends were all like “blah blah big hills blah blah.”

I love that hill, and about half way up it tonight I thought to myself, “self, this hill ain’t shit,” and then I hit the part where the grade goes straight up (those of you who ride this “loop” on the regular know what I am talking about).  The hill had its say and I had to actually stand up and do a little work.  Then I decided that one wasn’t enough and went around for another pass.  Second time was even better.  I forsee this new commute being a great time, especially with a few laps around the park thrown in for good measure. 

Me+MacRae Park=true love.  If only it was gravel.