The Road Starts Here: TIV8

The last few months have been pretty tough around these parts, ripe with excuses to not ride such as personal strife, growing business, and pretty much just those two reasons.  Those of you who know me know that my “racing season” is not necessarily a real racing season as I don’t really train so much as just ride my bike as many miles as I can fit in to my schedule and I am not much of a racer.  Yes, I ride for a team, and YES I would like to be better, but there have been some road blocks in my promise.  The personal issues pretty much destroyed my will to ride the normal mileage, and work pushed my “training” riding into oblivion.  This has all compounded in some major weight gain, and a poor mental/physical state.  It’s time to do something about the problem.  I owe it to myself, to my team, and to the people who have had to listen to my drunken claims of future awesomeness.  That covers about everyone reading this blog.

I have set some personal goals and am currently into week 2 of working towards victory.  What are the goals?  Let’s list them.

  1. Lose Weight.  I have recently topped my heaviest-ever weight of 268 lbs which was set ON PURPOSE many years ago when I was trying to see if I could get to 300 lbs.  I didn’t.  I have currently lost 9 lbs and am hovering around 259 for now.  Goal: 220.  That is 48.4 lbs total weight loss, the equivalent of about 3 bikes.
  2. Actually Train.  After reading up on training techniques, it turns out that I have some naturally occurring good practices when it comes to building endurance and speed.  Whoopie.  I have set some sort of realistic training goals and will be working towards them with the proper diet and tools, such as a heart rate monitor and tracking software.
  3. Compete in the Trans Iowa V8.  I have been talking out my ass about wanting to toe the line at this race for a few years.  This year would have been the closest I have ever come to being ready to race, but next year is the year.  I am dead serious.  I know that I will never be “good enough” to be up with the amazing riders who have finished/won in the past, they are machines, but when you are in my shoes you race for “team finish” and that is good enough.  To sweeten the deal, the proprietor of my team has wagered some of his hard earned money that I will not finish half of the course.  That’s about 165 miles.  That money will be mine, but of course I have to get into the race first.

You might be asking, “what is the Trans Iowa?”  Here is the trailer for “300 Miles Of Gravel,” a documentary that was made about the race.

It’s a beast, and it’s about time for me to take a crack at it.


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