The Fargo Build Debacle

The three of you who read this and actually know me know that I have acquired a Salsa Fargo frameset from a dear friend of mine who decided to pick up the 2011 new and improved (?) Fargo.  At the same time as the Fargo showed up, my business decided to take off exponentially.  Two good events juxtaposed against each other in a potential financial drain-off face off.

Dude, what does my face say? SWEET, what does my face say? DOOOOD, what does my face say? SWEEEEEEET, what does my face say? DDDDDDDDDOOOOOOOOODDDDD.....

So now I am “faced” with a conundrum:  Do I make this Fargo into something completely out of control, or should I just keep it real lest I be laughed out of town on my off road touring steed?

The build so far:

  • Fargo Frameset
  • Chris King Headset (was included with the frame)
  • Thompson Elite seatpost
  • Ragley Luxy dirt drop bars
  • Sram X7 crankset (I destroy cranksets and just can’t pull the trigger on something more expensive…yet)
  • Sram XO derailleurs (running this 2X10 like the 2011 model)
  • Salsa Rasta bar tape (I love it on my Chili, so why not.  Everyone has fricken brown bar tape on their Fargo)
  • Red Selle Anatomica leather saddle.  Pretty stoked about this one.
  • Sram Red Double Tap Shifters

I need a cassette, chain, probably ordering some gold cable housing, some of the basics.  Where I am running into trouble is the wheelset.  What wheelset should I put on this thing?  I guess you would need to know more about its intended use.

This baby is going to be set up with Revelate Designs Seat and Frame packs, and a dry bag strapped up front either on the bars or on a Salsa Minimalist rack.  It is meant to be used for long distance fast, light bike camping and touring.  Think of two or three day trips with round trip mileage of 150-250 miles of gravel, b-roads, and field crossings with a little nap thrown in here and there.  Keep in mind that I weigh in at about 250, ride fairly hard, and have a penchant for breaking cranks, bottom brackets, and spokes.

Here are some wheelset choices I have narrowed down:

  • Mavic Crossmax 29er
  • Reynolds Carbon 29er set(these use DT Swiss 240 hubs, the “silver standard”)
  • Industry Nine or Hope hubs laced to Stans rims

All of these choices are probably over the top, I have also been looking at XT hubs laced to Velocity p35’s, but honestly I need something that is going to handle at least 3000-4000 miles of dirt roads per year.  I am doing all of those miles on my Chili, which is fine (and fast) but it just isn’t as comfortable as I would like when riding high mileage gravel, as it is really made for 45 minutes of pure pain at a time.

Anyway, I guess I am looking for a little input from some of you with a little more experience with 29ers and their wheelsets.


2 thoughts on “The Fargo Build Debacle

  1. Cheap rock solid build – XT hubs. Salsa Semi 29er Disc rims.
    Slightly more spendy but solid – DT Swiss 240S. Salsa Semi 29er Disc rims. 32 pawl upgrade for the hubs.

  2. Sram red shifter are worth it. Don’t spend money on your rear derailer! you will get in clogged with mud and break it so go x7 the only difference is weight and $150. for wheels you need strong no carbon for a touring rig. Stans flows, or salsa makes some nice rims. My touring bike I spent the extra for a SON hub on the front it is great to have permanent lights you dont have to charge. Again save money in the rear hub you will kill it in time. Velocity makes good stuff.

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