Despite being an avid cyclist, my ability to prepare for races is almost legendarily poor.  My race bike is down, my Camelbak that I had ordered (sorry, none of the model I wanted was in stock locally) has not arrived, I couldn’t find my helmet, the snowfall is going to require me to wear stretch jeans during the race to keep the powder spray from getting in through the tops of my Lake winter boots (an interesting design flaw), and the QT microwave breakfast burrito consumed at midnight is trying to fight its way out of my stomach like a fully gestated alien.  Yes, I am done now. 

With the help of a borrowed bike (thank you Steve Fuller), a good negotiating session with the contents of my digestive tract, and a messenger bag full of provisions I WILL be crossing the finish line, and with any luck will rise above my usual Bottom 3 finish.

See you in Cumming.

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