(Almost) Bludgeoned By An Axe Handle Pt 2

Here’s a quick update to a situation which occurred a few weeks back, when a motorist exited his vehicle and threatened me with an axe handle.

The Des Moines Police Department has not done a thing about my complaint against the driver.  I have left a few messages for the Detective in charge of the case and have received zero call backs.  Am I upset?  No, not at all.  I understand that our police force is busy doing things, and I wasn’t physically harmed in the event.  Do I think that my assailant should be dealt with?  Yes.  This person has demonstrated a penchant for violent behavior towards cyclists and is a threat to the safety of the public.  Until he does someone actual physical harm, the police won’t pursue a case against him.

I know that this person works in Valley Junction, and when cycling past his Pickup truck I saw the axe handle used against me propped up on the wheel well in the bed, awaiting another call to action.

So that is the end of the story.  For Now.  I hope that this dude doesn’t hurt anyone, that he can keep his “shit” together and act like a human being instead of an animal.  I would like some advice on whether I can post a picture of his pickup for other cyclists to see and watch out for.  Anyone out there have an answer for that?



3 thoughts on “(Almost) Bludgeoned By An Axe Handle Pt 2

  1. Perhaps a polite note on his windshield.
    Inform him that if he hurts someone in an angry fit he could be charged.
    Then offer a handshake.
    Outclass him.

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