Excuse Me, Motorists…Just Trying To Share The Road Here

I have some news for all of you doom and gloom motorists who claim that “spandex clad bicyclists roam around like a blight on the Earth,” and the a-holes who proclaim in a public forum that if cyclists are holding them up on the road that they will “probably run them down.”  This also goes out to those of you out there who leave comments on local news sites echoing the same sentiments.  If you think that we, the cyclists, are a pox upon your roads…there may be a new “enemy” for you…

CCX Bladers on George Flagg Parkway!!!!!

I ride this road almost every day of the year that it is above water (and twice this year while it was under…much to the dismay of a now-deceased bottom bracket), and I have never encountered such shenanigans.  Three bladers with poles taking up the entire lane doing about 9 mph.  Swish, swish, back and forth, sticks clicking against pavement, moving almost as much laterally as forward these people decided to take their show on the road, a public road, creating a bit of a safety hazard for them.  I hope they made it to wherever they had destined without accident (and hopefully without being too haranged by angry motorists), and I apologize for the snicker I let out while passing by.  Maybe I should thank the three of you for potentially taking some of the heat off us cyclists?

Another hundred yards down the road I saw a discarded jump-rope.  I wonder what was going on there, an overnight jump rope marathon?  (sorry no pic, I was on the way to an appointment).

Anyway, that is about all for now.  I will hopefully have some good ride recaps coming up, the last few weeks I have done nothing but commute.  It gets pretty old.


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