Birthdays, Bikes, Tunnel Vision

Good evening, I hope those of you that participated in the Tunnel Ride Wednesday night had a great time and were as safe as possible.  I unfortunately did not make it down to the tunnels as I was serving sandwiches (and getting my party on) at the Cumming Tap.  Thank you to all of you who braved the one million degree heat and impending storm doom (and got to see some amazing lightning), hunkered down in your aero bars and made it all the way down to see Bob and get some good ole BBQ Braised Pork sandwiches.  An extra token of thanks to the brave souls who decided on the BBQ Tofu sandwich and to my buddy Joe for finally showing up, as he was the main reason for making the tofu.

I had the chance to meet and talk with quite a few new-to-me faces.  Everyone seemed to be having a blast despite the heat.  Again, thanks for making the night a great time.  So great, in fact, that yours truly didn’t even make it to the tunnel, which is about 1.5 miles from my house.

One more thing, a Super Huge Thanks to all of you for keeping the trail clean.  The only sign of the party was literally a sign…a “Happy Birthday” banner hanging above the tunnel entrance.


2 thoughts on “Birthdays, Bikes, Tunnel Vision

  1. Apparently there was some DNR that cleaned up the mess- they are none too happy with the Tunnel Ride and want our heads on a stick. The Happy Birthday banner was for me- but my climbing abilities fail where my drinking excels. We are going to blame/thank Timmy for the banner.

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