How Is Your (Car’s) Summer Going?


It’s summer time and everyone has been talking about outdoors activities like swimming, hiking, fishing, camping, and the important one…Cycling. Le Tour has began, the Ragbrai is coming up quickly, the trails have been ripe with aero bars, and glove-tan abounds. We now have our Ingersoll Avenue Bike Lanes, which I have seen countless people utilize. We saw the debut of Artcrank, the cycling art show, in Our City out-debut other openings in places like Seattle, Portland, and Minneapolis. All nationally recognized bike-friendly cities…and we out-cranked them. New Belgium has included us on their “Urban Assault Ride” tour. Cycling is looking good in Des Moines. Aside from our little bout with rain it has been a great cycling summer so far. But what I want to know is…

What has your CAR been doing this summer?

Has it been getting in more miles in than your bike? How many times a week does it go to work with you? Has it been driving the six blocks to the store every few days, or have you just been sayin “hi” to it as you pass by on your bike en route to a concert or to meet friends?

If you have the capability to commute by bike and don’t, you should really be thinking about how lonely your car should be during this warm months.

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