Address Rant. Gravel Ride Postponement.

I have been trying whole-heartedly to procure some high speed internet in my home for about two weeks.  My one major obstacle- no one knows what my address is.  The City of West Des Moines transferred me to 6 different uh…people before the last jackass gave me a phone number to the person who is evidently the all-knowing address queen of Polk County.  The phone number was for some company with no ties to the county no employed anyone by said name.  Look, people, I just want a little service in my goddamn home so I don’t have to bike somewhere to post blogs.  It is evidently too much to ask.


"Keep up the good work, WDSM...We are all counting on you!"

On another note,  The June edition of the Pink House Gravel Grinder that was to be held June 6th will be re-scheduled for a TBA date.  I have mangled my left foot and have to take it easy on the gravel until it heals.

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