PHIGG Roundup Report Thing.






The innaugural Pink House Invitational Gravel Grinder was held yesterday, Sunday May 2nd, and was a right good time. I was Joined by Steve Fuller (bike maniac), Scott Sumpter (Bike Iowa), Bob Moural (Cumming Tap), and “Big Ring” Brant from D.C. for a friendly gravel ride south from the Pink House. The route went through Cumming, Churchville, past a house w/ a friendly Dobermann who wanted to join the ride but Steve rode the pup home, then on to Martensdale for a little grub at the gas station which ended up being a hang out/loitering sesh for us boys and a few other waterlogged riders when thunderstorms and hail set in. The ride then took us to a shelter at the Martensdale trail head for a few more drinks, jokes, stories, and wet Roadies. There we waited out the storm then headed north on the GWT for our end point, the Cumming Tap for some pork sandwiches, potato salad, and some of Bob’s Killer Corn.

It was a fun day of sun, gravel, friends, beers, dogs, NHRA fans, square tires, great “hiding from the storm” and turkey stories, food, and biking in general. Even with thunderstorms and hail! We managed to get in about 25 miles (a hair shy of the original 50) and land at our destination right on schedule.

And no one got goat-y.

Thanks to Steve, Scott, Bob, and Brandt for joining in on Sunday Funday.

The next PHIGG will be announced soon (and with a different name), look forward to seeing the original crew plus a few more next time!

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